Service Catalogue

You can use web services to create, consult and modify company data and certificates in the databases of the Federal Public Service Economy.

For users who require a combination of data that is different from the predefined ones, DG Digital Transformation can provide a customised solution.

Digiflow gives your end users access to online certificates.

The DG Digital Transformation handles the publication of domain names on your behalf through a dedicated DNS. The service also resolves domain names and IP addresses (DNS resolution).

The DG Digital Transformation manages the relay of e-mail to and from the federal public services and institutions. Our objective is to keep viruses and spam out of your mailbox as much as possible.

eBirth enables the online notification of a birth and ensures the electronic transfer of statistical data.

eCounter enables you to develop a secure, custom-built application for online declarations.

Using the eDepot service, notaries can incorporate a company online and modify company data in the authoritative sources.

The ePayment platform allows your customers to pay online with their preferred method of payment.

Regular Internet connections are increasingly being used for secure communications between closed user groups. Using VPN technology based on SSL and IPsec, DG Digital Transformation gives you safe remote access to your organisation’s applications.