A full package of IT and support services for content publishing and building and managing your public website.  


  • Editors can easily post and maintain web pages online.
  • Publishing of all types of content (texts, images, video footage, sound clips);
  • More than twenty different file formats;
  • Different types of navigation: hierarchical, horizontal, inverted ‘L’, through tabs, thematic, by facet, modular, through an index, breadcrumbs, sitemaps, shortlists etc. and various combinations of all these types are also possible;
  • Editors can add to or change the navigation structure;
  • Website administration in various languages. Site visitors can switch languages with a simple click of the mouse;
  • Simplified indexing of the website pages for optimal ranking in search engines;
  • Modular approach: each piece of content (text, images, files, etc.) forms a component that is linked to a generic or specific component model;
  • Components are placed on a web page, which is linked to a presentation template that defines the generic design and layoutof the page;
  • A clear distinction between the archive containing content elements or components (structured in folders for easy reference) and the tree structure of the web pages;
  • Both are accessible using the same interface;
  • Secure access for the editors through standard web browsers. 


Communication department and/or marcom managers of federal public services and agencies.



  • Send letter of intent to the Chairman of the DG Digital Transformation Management Committee;
  • Analysis of your needs and requirements;
  • Define the information architecture, web templates and designs;
  • Negotiate the project scope, project planning and the service level agreement (SLA) proposal;
  • Conclude a protocol agreement;
  • Build the site;
  • Train the team of web editors;
  • Editors enter the content;
  • Website goes online (go live);
  • Switch to service mode approximately one month before go live.
  •  Access and support
  • Accessible 24/7;
  • Support for editors available from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday (on federal government working days).

For further information or to sign up to the service, please contact the DG Digital Transformation Service Desk at servicedesk.DTO@bosa.fgov.be, specifying reference code ‘S017 - WCMS’.