Service Catalogue

  • The Role Management service gives access managers the possibility to manage roles. A role gives access to an online government application. The roles are managed via the Role Administration application. In this application, the access manager can attribute roles to users who can then use the online government application.

  • Stats enables you to collect and analyse the visitor statistics of your website, so that you can determine to what extent you are achieving your web communications goals.

  • The Trans European Service for Telematics between Administrations (TESTA) connects the various national government networks across Europe.

  • For certain government applications, a username and password do not provide sufficient access security. The federal ´token´ offers additional access security. The DG Digital Transformation is responsible for issuing these tokens.

  • With the User Management service, users can see what contact data are known to the federal government or register for the first time. Thereafter the user can manage these data himself. Here he can also see what means of authentication he possesses and what roles have been attributed to him.

  • The DG Digital Transformation detects vulnerabilities on (web) servers of federal public services and institutions. Its tests are suitable for a wide variety of different platforms.

  • The DG Digital Transformation’s WCMS includes all the IT and support services needed for content publishing and building and managing your public website.

  • Support with the graphic design of your website – from design to complete development.