Other services

Fedict´s mission is to use ICT to improve the government´s service delivery. Within this framework, Fedict offers the services described below to support other public services.

You can find the general conditions for the use of the Fedict services (PDF, 322.11 Kb) here.

For certain government applications, a username and password do not provide sufficient access security. The federal ´token´, a small card with 24 identification codes, offers additional access security. Fedict is responsible for issuing these tokens.
Legal advice in the area of e-government and support for public sector ICT procurement and/or ICT contracts.
Fedict offers services ranging from risk analysis to the development of security guidelines and the reporting and follow-up of possible computer hacking incidents.
Help desks of public services and institutions can ask Fedict for advice and support for the use of open standards within their organisation.