The Newsletter service is an online platform that facilitates the creation, launch and assessment of e-mail campaigns.


  • The implementation of the service is achieved through a transparent process, at an affordable price, within a short space of time and ensuring a tangible quality result.
  • For all technical matters, you can rely on the Addemar® expertise of the Newsletter partners.
  • For administrative support, you can call on DG Digital Transformation directly.
  • Accounts are set up in just 2 days.
  • Users quickly get to know how to use the tool.


This service is aimed at the communication managers of the Belgian public institutions.


Please follow the steps below

  • Submit your application by e-mail to DG Digital Transformation's Service Desk.
  • Contact with the DG Digital Transformation's Service Manager
  • Send a letter of intent to the chairman of DG Digital Transformation’s Management Committee.
  • Sign a user agreement with DG Digital Transformation.
  • Analyse your requirements.
  • If required, draw up a tailored offer.
    • Following approval: create the newsletter and set up the platform.
    • Form the editorial team.
  • Send out your first newsletter. 

Access and support

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Support available for newsletters set up by a DG Digital Transformation partner.

For further information or to sign up to the service, please contact the DG Digital Transformation Service Desk at specifying reference code ‘S173 – Newsletter’.