Combination of data

Alongside the more ‘standard’ personal and company data, Fedict also enables specific groups to consult, modify or exchange combinations of data. ‘eBirth’, ‘eDepot’ and the ‘Fourth Way’ are examples of applications designed for users who required a predefined data set or combination of data. Fedict can also develop customised services for users who require other combinations of data.

Using the ‘Fourth Way’ service, notaries can verify whether buyers and sellers involved in the sale of (movable) property have any outstanding social contribution and/or fiscal debts owing to the government
For users who require a combination of data that is different from the predefined ones, Fedict can provide a customised solution.
eBirth enables the online notification of a birth and ensures the electronic transfer of statistical data.
Using the eDepot service, notaries can incorporate a company online and modify company data in the authoritative sources.