Data exchange

One of the principles of e-government is to minimise administrative formalities. This means that information should only have to be communicated to the government once. This information may relate to personal, company and government data, or a combination of these.

The information is stored in so-called “authoritative sources” – databases where master data is stored. Fedict guarantees access to these authoritative sources and the fast exchange of information in a uniform and secure way through the Federal Service Bus (FSB).

You can find the general conditions for the use of the Fedict services (PDF, 322.11 Kb) here.

You can use web services to consult personal data in the National Register or consult and update data in the Bis Register.
You can use web services to create, consult and modify company data and certificates in the databases of the Federal Public Service Economy.
You can use web services to request annual statement of accounts from the National Bank of Belgium.
Alongside the more ‘standard’ personal and company data, Fedict also enables specific groups to consult, modify or exchange combinations of data. ‘eBirth’, ‘eDepot’ and the ‘Fourth Way’ are examples of applications designed for users who required a predefined data set or combination of data. Fedict can also develop customised services for users who require other combinations of data.